1. The Federal Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, constitute a fund to be called the National Disaster Management Fund for meeting any threatening disaster situation or disaster.
  2. The National Disaster Management Fund shall be financed from the following sources, namely:-
    1. Grants made by the federal government
    2. Loans, aid and donations from the national or international agencies, and
    3. Donations received from any other source.
  3. On commencement of this Act, the following funds shall become part of the National Disaster Management Fund, namely:-
    1. Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund, and
    2. Any other fund relatable to natural calamities established at Federal level as the Federal Government may determine.
  4. The National Disaster Management Fund shall be kept in one or more accounts maintained by the National Authority, in local or foreign currency, in any scheduled bank in Pakistan and shall be operated in accordance with the directions of the National Authority.
  5. The National Disaster Management Fund shall be administered by the National Authority towards meeting the expenses for emergency preparedness, response, mitigation, relief and reconstruction.
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